How to Change Background Color of Notepad++

Title bars, scroll bars etc. had turned pink on one monitor this morning, and stay pink, though photos show normal colours. The “personalization” route recommended by many does not work either. In the app selection menu, click More apps, then click Look for another app on this PC. With Notepad++ installed, you’ll need to configure Windows to open JSON files using it.

  • See, every time you delete a note, a copy of the same is stored in the Trash folder of Outlook.
  • In this case, after right-clicking on the first file, select the “Select for Compare” option.
  • Launch Notepad++ and select Settings → Preferences from the menubar.
  • You should now be at the General preferences screen as shown below.

Remove the .bin file extension from all of the files in the transferred folder. In the Finder/iTunes, click on the device icon in the top toolbar. (If the icon isn’t shown, try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable.) The device’s page should appear. The game saves progress when the in-game day ends, i.e., when the farmer goes to bed, collapses from exhaustion, or collapses at 2am. All progress during a day is lost if the player quits the game without ending the day.

How to Install Pip on Windows

If you never set, forgot or need to change your MySQL password, you’re in luck. This article walks you through these steps, so you’ll never be at a loss for that database root user password. It’s probably likely to recover an unsaved document. If you closed the file without saving it and have also formatted the disk there are obviously no chances. You can recover the Word file only if you have saved the document, formatted the disk and didn’t overwrite the existing information after it. If you are using the Word 2007 version, select all the files types for opening (.), find the saved document and open it.

Now, you have to move the main XML file into the themes folder in the Notepad++ install location or you can extract the zip file to your Notepad++ themes directory. There are many plugins available for Notepad++ that make it powerful enough to complete all kinds of needs. Also, there are many Notepad++ Themes available that can be downloaded, installed, and used if you want to change the look and feel of the editor.

Notepad++: Absolutely Free G-Code Editor With Code Highlighting

You will see three quick different options; Recycle Bin, Desktop, and Select Folder option. Here, suppose that we want to recover the files from the Recycle Bin, so click it. It might be that your file isn’t lost, but you just aren’t sure where it has been saved.

Using “Move to Other View” is helpful if you want to specifically have two different documents open. “Clone to Other View” opens a second copy of the document, your current changes to the document will carry to the cloned document. After a document is cloned, any change to one will instantly affect the other version too, they will remain identical. The main usage is to compare two text files notepad++. To compare only the contents of two files, use the rest of the methods stated in this article. Use this method to compare 2 text files, source files, log files and SQL databases.

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